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I had the opportunity to finally visit the much-heralded Virgin Atlantic Heathrow Clubhouse in December. Read on to learn more about the experience…

First things first…The Virgin Atlantic Heathrow Clubhouse is AWESOME

Let's cut straight to it. This is hands down one of the best lounges on the planet. We had an early flight to LA and made sure to arrive as soon as the Clubhouse opened to get the most out of the experience.

After checking in, you'll be guided to a lift next to the check-in counter which takes you directly to the private security channel at Heathrow. Once you've gone through security, you'll enter the Virgin Atlantic Heathrow Clubhouse through a dedicated entrance.

This is what you'll see:

virgin atlantic heathrow clubhouse

Holy crap.

The Clubhouse is huge and covers multiple levels. The upper level was closed off when we visited for maintenance. If you're lucky enough to access the lounge when the upper levels are open, you can access the only rooftop bar at Heathrow and get a great view of the planes coming and going. Or if you're like me, you can glue yourself to the buffet and eat until you explode…

Once you've picked your jaw up from the floor, it's time to choose a place to sit down. The Virgin Atlantic Heathrow Clubhouse is filled with lots of different rooms and seating areas, designed for different purposes. There is a library style room where you can sit on your own and work, a cinema room that usually plays sports channels, a children's play area, another area with pool tables and arcade machines, and the list goes on.

We chose to get a seat by the window near the rear of the lounge, where it was a bit quieter than some of the other areas of the lounge. Which brings us to…

Food and Drink

eggs benedict at virgin atlantic heathrow clubhouse

Since it was early in the morning, the staff were quick to come and take our breakfast and drinks orders. I ordered Eggs Benedict, orange juice, and a Virgin Red Carpet cocktail to start. I also got some pastries from the breakfast buffet. The food quality was good for an airport lounge and the drinks were excellent.

I will say, that if you are on a long flight, you might not want to spend the entire time sipping Champagne, as glamourous as it sounds. It will mess you up. You will regret it. I'll leave the rest to your imagination…

The Clubhouse Spa

virgin atlantic heathrow clubhouse hair salon

Each visitor to the Virgin Atlantic Heathrow Clubhouse can claim a complimentary treatment. You can choose between a spa treatment or a haircut. Additional services are charged as extra. The spa uses products from Dr. Hauschka. I opted for the express facial, while my travel partner got a haircut. This was a great way to prepare for the long flight to Los Angeles. The esthetician applied a variety of Dr. Hauschka products, selected especially for my skin type. This was followed by a cooling lemon face wrap. I really enjoyed this and would recommend others to do the same.

The hair salon uses products by Bumble and Bumble and my travel partner enjoyed the experience. If you lead a busy lifestyle, then getting a haircut at the airport is a great bonus.

Additional spa treatments are available at a nominal charge. The current list of treatments can be downloaded from the Virgin Atlantic website.


If you have an Upper Class ticket you can also use the Upper Class Wing to check-in. This is a separate check-in counter where your car will drive in and drop you off. Our Uber driver could not find the entrance for this, so I can't say if it speeds up the check-in process or if it's more of a gimmick. Previously, you had to call ahead to register the vehicle for entry, however, this seems to no longer be the case. Our check-in process was quick and you end up going through the same private security channel anyway.

The staff will make boarding announcements to let you know when to head out to your gate or if there are any delays to your flight.

If you do not have an Upper Class ticket, you may sometimes be able to purchase an access voucher directly from Virgin Atlantic or Virgin Holidays. These are quite expensive compared to other general access lounges at Heathrow, to the point where if you have enough miles to make an upgrade, it may end up being a cheaper option to upgrade than to purchase the access voucher.

If you are a frequent flyer with Delta, you will need either Business Elite, SkyMiles Diamond or Platinum Medallion status in order to gain access to the lounge without an Upper Class ticket.

You can view Virgin Atlantic's flight network and make a booking on the official Virgin Atlantic website.

How to Upgrade with Miles

The best thing about this trip was being able to upgrade our flights from Economy to Upper Class. Read our guide to upgrading on Virgin Atlantic with miles to find out how you could do the same.

Have you visited the Virgin Atlantic Heathrow Clubhouse? Let me know in the comments what you thought of the experience!