Finding a good deal on travel can be a chore, so we've decided to share some of our favourite tools and blogs to source for great travel deals.

The Five Best Travel Sites (Besides Us…)

trivago hotel search

1. Trivago

Trivago is a hotel comparison engine with a difference. It takes prices from nearly every online booking agent and shows you the best available price, along with the average customer rating. You can use our Trivago Hotel Search widget to find the best deal on hotels around the world.

skyscanner flight search

2. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is one of the best flight search engines around. One of the best features of Skyscanner is the ability to search for flights to any destination. This means you'll be able to see where you can fly for the lowest amount of money and is a great tool when you start planning a trip. You can use our Skyscanner Flight Search Tool to find the lowest fares on flights.

Secret Flying

3. Secret Flying

Secret Flying is a blog that posts incredibly cheap flight deals that you might have to search hours for to find yourself. The site covers both Europe and North America. The site is pretty straightforward in the way that deals are labelled, and expired offers are clearly marked. When you enter a post on the site, it will tell you the different routes you can take and the price for each. Many of the deals listed are departing from Mainland Europe, as these tend to offer lower fares than when you depart from the UK, due to the UK Air Passenger Duty.


4. HolidayPirates

HolidayPirates is a blog run by the HotUKDeals network which posts low cost holidays on a regular basis. You'll find error fares, hidden deals and more as part of their regular content updates. HolidayPirates primarily features deals for those based in the UK, but the site operates multiple other sites for different markets, including the US, Germany and Italy.


5. rome2rio

rome2rio is a great tool for looking up the easiest way to get to a destination. The site will tell you how much it costs to get to your destination by plane, train, bus or car and how long it would take via each mode of transport. rome2rio is a great tool to use if you're not sure of how to get to a specific destination. You might also find that it's cheaper to go via an alternative mode of transportation. The site also features a hotel and rental car search function.