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According to report from Check-In, Ryanair have scheduled a press conference at Copenhagen Airport on Wednesday the 29th of October.

Ryanair Flying into Copenhagen?

Copenhagen Airport is already home to the low cost carriers Easyjet and Norwegian. If Ryanair were to start flying to Copenhagen, it would likely mean the death of flights from Malmø Sturup airport in Sweden, which has previously been the nearest airport that the company flew to. Ryanair currently have regular flights to Denmark's two other main airports, Billund and Aarhus.

So far the only information made available about Wednesday's press conference in Copenhagen is that Ryanair's controversial CEO, Michael O'Leary, will not be present. Instead the press conference will be run by Ryanair's Chief Commercial Officer, David O'Brien.

Michael O'Leary has previously discussed his desire to launch routes from Copenhagen, but has cited the high fees charged by the airport as the main obstacle for committing to flying from Copenhagen. Copenhagen Airport have previously stated that if Ryanair intend to fly from the airport, they will be expected to pay the same amount as other airlines currently flying from Copenhagen. Ryanair have applied for landing permits at Copenhagen Airport in the past, which they later retracted. The Danish air traffic authority have refused to comment on whether Ryanair have applied for landing permits for 2015.

Low Cost Flights to Main Airports

If Ryanair announce their intention to fly from Copenhagen Airport from 2015, this follows the company's recent move to start flying to main airports instead of secondary airports that are often located far from the advertised destination. The company started flying to Brussels Zaventem recently and have discussed flying to Amsterdam Schipol from 2015.

The company has been intent on turning around their negative brand perception in the past year. Ryanair launched a redesigned website, introduced assigned seating and reduced penalty fees for failing to check-in online and for checking in luggage.

Ryanair's press conference is scheduled for 9AM CET at the Hilton Copenhagen. We will keep you updated on the outcome and of course post any deals that may come from this potential new expansion.

UPDATE: Ryanair announced 13 new routes to Copenhagen starting from the 26th of March 2015. See our blog post for more details.

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