Watch our video guide to getting the best deal on flights:

We made a short video to show you how to book cheap flights online.

There are many different flight search engines on the market, but our personal favourite is Momondo.COM due to its ease of use and good range of results for flights. We have found Momondo to consistently show the cheapest airfare on a range of destinations. The site aggregates search results from more the 700 retailers, where prices can fluctuate and differ between various websites. Therefore it is important to always check you're getting the best deal, using Momondo. They have recently introduced a smiley system, that shows you how good a certain flight is, based on your requirements (Price VS flight time, as an example).

Momondo was founded in Copenhagen in 2006, and has since been touted as the best online flight search engine by Frommers.COM, CBS News, ABC and the Daily Telegraph.
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Get your flights even cheaper using cashback sites:

Many flight operators and booking agencies offer further savings on flights, if you use Cashback sites. In the UK, the largest of these is Quidco. When you purchase goods online via one of Quidco's partner retailers, Quidco will set a tracking cookie that then gives you access to cashback. For flights this is typically around 1.5% and for hotels it can be up to 15%. If combined with a sale, this can give you a very good deal in the end. for example, offer 10% cashback and currently have a 40% sale on. That's 50% off the retail value of your stay!

Quidco retains the first £5 you earn in cashback per year in order to maintain their running costs. This is how they make money, instead of plastering their website with banner ads. You can also earn cashback in-store if you register your debit card or check in via their mobile app. They also have a browser toolbar, which is very easy to use, and tells you when a website you are visiting offers cashback. This way you avoid missing out on the best deals. You can create your account at Quidco in just a few seconds

How to find cheap flights online

This all sounds very complicated, is it worth it?

Most definitely. By spending just a few more minutes on booking your flights, you could be saving hundreds. The sites are fairly easy to use, as their business depends on you using them for every transaction. At the end of the day, any money saved can then be spent when you actually go on your holiday. Who doesn't love that?

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