SAS business class upgrade

Book discounted flight upgrades on SAS, AirAsia, Cyprus Airways and Air India with OptionTown

We've discovered a great new way to book discounted flight upgrades. It is now possible to upgrade Economy flights to Business at a fraction of the cost. OptionTown is a new service, which offers you the ability to upgrade your existing flight booking at up to 75% off the regular price. Among the airlines participating in the program are SAS, AirAsia, Cyprus Airways, Malaysia Airlines and Air India. New partners are being added regularly according to the site owners, so we will keep you updated when new partners are announced.

How To Book Discounted Flight Upgrades with OptionTown

To check for availability of flight upgrades, you simply have to enter your name, the airline you will be flying with and your booking reference. Then the site will search for available upgrades and give you a quote, if there are available seats. We've seen upgrades on Air India to Delhi from the UK for as little as £295, and upgrades within Europe from £60. Some airlines also offer you the ability to gain the miles you would have earned, had you originally booked on Business Class. This is a great way to speed up your mileage earning, and a good way to move up the frequent flyer ladder.

In order to start booking upgrades on OptionTown, you have to pay a small signup fee (£2) and then you will be able to start booking upgrades at a fraction of the regular price. Not all upgrades are guaranteed, but if you fail to secure your flight upgrade, the site will refund your purchase within 4 days.

To search for and book your next flight upgrade, visit OptionTown‘s website.

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